My philosophy

As adults, we learn best through experience, and reflecting on experience, rather than being told or taught.

Great leadership starts with emotional intelligence and maturity, and increased self-awareness.

Personal change comes from within and flows outward.  Sustainable change is built on values, emotions, behaviours, and purpose.

Everyone can achieve their potential if they are given the time and opportunity to develop personal awareness and generate their own solutions.

My Approach

Calm, thoughtful and insightful

Support and challenge

A thinking partner

A facilitator of reflection

A catalyst for creativity

A provider of different perspectives

An anchor to reality and wider relationships

What you will not find

Solutions or fixes

Cheer leader or ego massager

Psycho babble or jargon

Therapy or counselling

Targets or performance measures

My career

My business experience spans over 30 years and has involved leading and coaching Executive Management teams and multi-national sales teams, being a tech entrepreneur (on-line psychometric game), and working with start-up leadership teams as a consultant, coach, ambassador, and occasional counsellor. My years of intuitive coaching experience are supported by the PCEC (Professional Certificate of Executive Coaching) from Henley Business School, an MBA from Cranfield, an MSc in Business Computing, and a Chartered Marketer. I am the Chair of Jeans for Genes charity, a Board member and Trustee for Youth Access, and a member of the Cranfield Trust, providing free management consultancy to the third sector.

Charles is skilled at helping you to explore and understand your situation, and then navigate issues for yourself. He has a naturally engaging and positive style that reinforces self-belief and enables you to galvanise yourself into action in a very natural way.

Jackie // Director //

Charles and I worked on some productivity issues that I’d struggled with for some time.  His ability to ask the questions which sifted the revealing from the incidental, and then guide me towards translating that insight into revised practices, was the beginning of a real breakthrough for me.

Richard // CEO //

If you know what you want to achieve, Charles will help you get results.  Facilitating conversations and deep thinking provide the foundations to creativity, and commitment to vision and change, resulting in strategic clarity and a focus on delivery.

Mike // CEO //

Suddenly you find yourself asking yourself difficult questions.  How does this happen? Through Charles’s ability to create a supportive environment where you can challenge yourself, learn and grow. Very rewarding.

Rob // COO //

Charles has a disarmingly relaxed style which makes conversation easy and more revealing than first appears.  He is very perceptive and will support you in getting to the heart of the matter and then work with you to achieve your goals.

Ken // CEO //

Charles is a professional Executive Coach, calm and thoughtful, and provides the arena for real insights.  He is a natural listener and really helped me look at issues from new perspectives.  I learned a lot about myself.

Andy // Partner //